ZAR – Danish Folk Music

ZAR has existed as a trio for almost two decades. It was a group of 4 to 5 musicians from 2001-2011, and has released 3 albums altogether.

ZAR has worked for with music from the rich Danish tradition, breathing new life into the old songs and tunes. Their latest album 'Der Brænder en Ild' was elected 'Album of the Year' at Danish Music Awards - Folk 2009.

The sound of ZAR is organic, smooth and clear. The fiddles playfully jump from backing the voice to taking the lead in fast dance tunes or heart breaking pieces full of longing. The bass and guitars superbly compliment each other in laying down the foundations with swing and good taste. It is timeless music that speaks to the hearts of human beings and awakes feelings of joy and harmony.

Members of Zar during the years:
Sine Lahm Lauritsen: Vocal
Steffan Søgaard Sørensen: Double-bass
Rasmus Zeeberg: Guitars
Andreas Tophøj Rasmussen: Fiddle
Michael Graubaek: Fiddle
Christopher Davis Maack: Fiddle
Rune Sørensen: fiddle

Releases: Der brænder en ild

Contact: Sine Lauritsen +45 2099 7621